JAY Union
Wheelchair Cushion

JAY Flow fluid and memory foam for high performance skin protection and positioning

The JAY Union is a  versatile low maintenance cushion which is comfortable, provides skin protection and moderate postural support. Ideal for users who are uncomfortable in their chair, sitting for longer periods of time and require some postural support. It is ideal for users at moderate risk of pressure injuries.

A multi-layer base with pre-contoured high-resistance foam with a Soft Visco memory foam overlay. The base provides a gentle, but moderate level of postural support – encouraging a neutral and pelvic position.

A dynamic fluid bladder is located in between the layers of foam. This increases comfort but more importantly ensures this cushion is able to provide a moderate to high level of pressure care. The encapsulated fluid bladder ensures there is no maintenance.

Moisture-resistant inner cover assists with incontinence and moisture management.

The anti-microbial outer cover provides good air flow whilst the X-static silver threads help to minimise bacteria buildup (and thus minimise odor). This cover also helps to reduce shear.

Discomfort Level 

Ideal for a user sitting for longer time periods and require a very comfortable cushion. This cushion offers fluid protection and postural support with no set up and minimal maintenance. User will need to be able to perform weight shifts – but could be with assistance.

Common Client Characteristics

  • May be at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown
  • May be able to perform independent weight shifts
  • May have moderate positioning needs
  • May be in a wheelchair for extended periods of time
  • Requires no maintenance cushion
  • Requires soft comfortable cushion for periods of time
Jay Union Size Matrix

Does selecting a reduced profile on the order form change the shape of the actual cushion?


No, the shape will remain the same. The height is reduced from the bottom of the cushion rather than the top.