Patrick Forest helping assemble a Medifab header

The team here at Medifab have always loved to make creative solutions for the clients we help. No client is ever the same, so sometimes it takes a ‘little extra’ than what is simply ‘off-the-shelf’ to send someone away with what they ultimately need on their wheelchair or seating solution.

Putting brackets and bolts together to form special supports and fashioning amazing shapes out of foam… It’s in the blood of many of the staff here – we just love what we do! That’s why we have recognised this unique talent with a dedicated offering; ‘Artisan by Medifab’!

Watch this video to see it in action at Medifab Auckland, and hear how we can provide tailored comfort for your clients, in a surprisingly fast timeframe.

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Meet the Artisan Team
Patrick Forrest
Artisan by Medifab - Auckland
William Mascull
Christchurch Product Consultant