Spex Vigour
Standard Contour

Designed for the user who needs mild to moderate postural control


The Vigour Standard Contour Cushion is an excellent choice for individuals who:

  • Require pressure reduction and redistribution
  • Require pelvic stability
  • Need moderate control of posture and upper extremities
  • Need moderate control of abduction or adduction propensities


  • Layers of special foam are combined to offer a supportive foundation for correct seating posture
  • Gel-foam ischial well evenly distributes pressure under the pelvis and in combination with the dual-layer cover, reduces shear forces in sensitive areas
  • Built-in slight thigh elevation for increased balance
  • Exceptional pelvic comfort
  • Specific contouring gives the user a high degree of pelvic stability
  • Coccyx channel
  • Dual layer cover with inner incontinence cover included
  • Customizable for many requirements such as leg length discrepancies
Product Performance
Cushion Size Chart
Width Cushion Height Weight Capacity Trough Height Product Weight
8″-10″ 2″ 200lbs
30mm 1.4kg
11″-15″ 2.5″
16″-17″ 2.75″ 350lbs
18″-20″ 3″


Pressure Care 3
Positioning 3
Lateral Stability 3
Offloading 3
Changing Needs 1

*Product Performance ratings are used to compare Spex products only.


  • Blue squares are standard sizes which are available on the Enable NZ MOH list, available for straight purchase.
  • Red squares are standard sizes available for trial.
  • Non-standard or custom sizes are available for purchase.