JAY GS Cushion

Adjustable cushion with built-in growth for paediatric clients

The JAY GS wheelchair cushion incorporates a highly durable, stable foam base and JAY’s proven fluid insert technology with the unique ability to grow with the client while maintaining proper support, making it an excellent solution for growing children and young adults.



JAY Box Accessories
Position Description Position Description
1A Fluid Supplement 9 Adductor Wedges Junior
1B Mini Fluid Supplement 10 Hip Guides
2A Adductor Wedges 11 Pelvic Obliquity Build-up
2B Adductor Wedges (Pair) 12 Adductor Wedges
3 Abductor Wedge 13 Pelvic Obliquity Build-up
4 Abductor Build-up 14 Abductor Build-up
5 Abductor Build-up Junior 15 Well Build-up GS
6 Base Wedge 1-12, 14, 15 Jay Box of Accessories
7 Front Paint + Paint Brush 6, 10, 11 Children’s Accessories Kit
8 Solid Seat


JAY GS Positioning Cushion Accessories
Position Description Position Description
 1A & 1B Cover 5A Abductor Build-up
2A Fluid Pad Junior 5B Abductor Build-up Junior
2B Pressure Relieving Pad 6A Adductor Wedges Junior
3 Pre Ischial Shelf Extension 6B Adductor Wedges
4 Base 7 Hip Guides


10 – 18″
10 – 20″
Height Front
2.5″ (without positioning components)
Height Rear
2.5″ (without positioning components)
Max. User Weight
136 kg
Product Weight
0.8 – 3 kg
Cushion Type
Pre-contoured closed cell foam with Integrated JAY Flow™ fluid compartmentalised pad
Cover Type
X-static® silver thread stretch


Cushion Width Cushion Depth JAY GS Cushion Code JAY GS Positioning Code
10″ 10-13″ 1715-01-JGS10 1715-02-JGS10P2
12″ 12-15″ 1715-01-JGS12 1715-02-JGS12P2
14″ 14-17″ 1715-01-JGS14 1715-02-JGS14P2
16″ 16-19″ 1715-01-JGS16 1715-02-JGS16P2
18″ 17-20″ 1715-01-JGS18 1715-02-JGS18P2