Spex Classic
Back Support

Easily solve upper torso needs for most wheelchair users with the Spex Classic.

The Spex Classic back support incorporates the popular Spex Contouring Cube System to allow on-the-spot customisations for torso comfort & asymmetry needs.

  • Effortless customisations
  • On-the-spot adaptions for changing postural needs
  • Instant results
  • Cubes can be removed and added at any time
  • Contouring doesn’t move or slip out of adjustment
  • Additional contouring support wedges can be used to further enhance the degree of contouring

Designed for the individual who:

  • Requires a comfortable back support to reduce torso pain
  • Requires spinal alignment and support
  • Has skin breakdown/pressure care needs
  • Has bony or protruding skeletal prominences
  • Have changing postural needs
  • Pertains a maladaptive or asymmetric posture


For Mild Bony Prominences For Immersion For Asymmetry

Without even adjusting the cube system, the Spex back support has slight contouring and integrates a comfortable pressure reducing foam surface layer to absorb mild bony prominences and asymmetries for uniform torso contact.

For individuals that require immersion into the back support, simply adjust the cube contouring cell system to configure for a perfect fit and shape for the user’s back. For asymmetrical or maladaptive postures, the contour can be arranged to provide the matching shape required to support the user’s torso profile.



Contouring the
Spex Back Support

A special feature of the Spex back support is the adjustable contouring-cell cube system which incorporates into the upholstery unit of the backrest. Easy configurations are performed for asymmetrical trunk postures without the need for complicated custom/bespoke seating.

The cover un-zips from the top of the back support and remains fixed to the shell whilst you remove the inner upholstery unit. Changes to the contouring are made
on-the-spot for instant results.

Further postural enhancements to the degree and depth of contouring are achieved with the positioning kit of support wedges (included with every Spex back support).


Back Support Contouring Charts

Videos &
How to use the Contouring Chart
Comparison: Spex Classic and SuperShape Back Supports
Product Details
Size Options
Product Codes
Product Performance
Back Support Width 10″-15″ (25.4-38 cm) 16″-20″ (41-51 cm) 21″+ (53 cm+)
Maximum Occupant Weight 200 lb (90 kg) 300 lb (136 kg) Must use Heavy-Duty brackets
400 lb (180 kg)
Maximum Occupant Weight with Heavy-Duty brackets 300 lb (136 kg) 400 lb (180 kg)
Product Weight* (without hardware, 16″ back support) 1.7kg
Overall Thickness** 7cm


*Note: This is the weight of the back support only and does not include the
hardware. For hardware weight, refer to page 18.

**Thickness of the back support is 7cm. The Spex Classic Back Support is designed to be contoured and this measurement only reflects the thickness without any of this contouring. Therefore the back support thickness will likely be less than 7cm in some sections and more in others.



Spex Classic Back Support fits between wheelchair canes.

Width Height Rectangle Shape Code
10″ 12″ 1255-1012-0SS
14″ 1255-1014-0SS
16″ 1255-1016-0SS
11″ 12″ 1255-1112-0SS
14″ 1255-1114-0SS
16″ 1255-1116-0SS
12″ 14″ 1255-1214-0SS
16″ 1255-1216-0SS
18″ 1255-1218-0SS
13″ 14″ 1255-1314-0SS
16″ 1255-1316-0SS
18″ 1255-1318-0SS
14″ 16″ 1255-1416-0SS
18″ 1255-1418-0SS
20″ 1255-1420-0SS
15″ 16″ 1255-1516-0SS
18″ 1255-1518-0SS
20″ 1255-1520-0SS
16″ 16″ 1255-1616-0SS
18″ 1255-1618-0SS
20″ 1255-1620-0SS
23″ 1255-1623-0SS
17″ 18″ 1255-1718-0SS
20″ 1255-1720-0SS
23″ 1255-1723-0SS
18″ 18″ 1255-1818-0SS
20″ 1255-1820-0SS
23″ 1255-1823-0SS
19″ 18″ 1255-1918-0SS
20″ 1255-1920-0SS
23″ 1255-1923-0SS
20″ 18″ 1255-2018-0SS
20″ 1255-2020-0SS
23″ 1255-2023-0SS

The Product Performance table below rates some key features of each off-the-shelf cushion using a rating scale of 1-5*

Postural Control 4
Lateral Stability 5
Postural Asymmetries 5
Changing Needs 5
Pressure Care 5

*Product Performance ratings are used to compare Spex products only.

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