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Just how important is education?

At Medifab, we firmly believe in the importance of education. Our vision is to make a positive difference to people living with disabilities, along with the carers and therapists that support them. We believe that through education, we can make leaps and bounds towards achieving that vision!

By delivering the collective knowledge and experience contained within our specialist team, we can help therapists, health professionals, and distributors of Complex Rehab Technology achieve better client outcomes.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

If we want to improve the lives of people living with disabilities and medical conditions, we must share our knowledge with other health professionals. We do just that by presenting at conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and our own Medifab Professional Development Academy events around the world. We don’t claim to know everything, however, we firmly believe that through collaboration, networking, and discussion, we can open the door to possibilities not previously conceivable – put simply, our education program is aimed to tap into the power of collaboration!

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.

Marian Wright Edelman

Led by our Australian-based Clinical Educator, Joana Santiago, our knowledge base gives caregivers, medical professionals and therapists the information and tools they need to improve their patients’ lives. An Occupational Therapist with experience working in five different countries, Joana has a comprehensive understanding of postural management and how it can influence everyday functionality and health.

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Spex wonderseat client Willow Koah.
Overcoming Challenges with Wonderseat!
On-time postural support in sitting is a crucial aspect of any early intervention strategy for children with physical impairment and disability...
Meet Our
Clinical Team
Joana Santiago, BScOT
Head of Clinical Education and R&D Clinical Lead
Jamie Cockle
Paediatric Clinical Educator
Ed milner
Ed Milner, BScOT
Spex Product Trainer & Educator
Charlotte Walker, BOT
Paediatric Product Trainer

Medifab Academy+ with Jo de Clercq

Therapeutic Positioning & Handling in Dementia Care: A Revolutionary Approach

Medifab is proud to host Belgian Senior Physiotherapist, Jo De Clercq, in Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

Jo’s courses are gaining worldwide recognition for their excellence in supporting individuals with dementia; the outcomes and quality of life improvements Jo constantly achieves with his clients and network support are staggering.


Monday July 15th Melbourne Pullman Melbourne Albert Park
Wednesday July 17th Brisbane Brisbane Airport Conference Centre
Thursday July 18th Sydney Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park
Tuesday July 23rd Auckland Novotel Auckland Airport


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