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Back Support Hardware Options – Quad Mount

Quad Mount is the default and most commonly prescribed hardware for the Spex Back Support range. It uses four independent points of attachment to the back support canes of the wheelchair for ultimate strength and lateral positioning.

This hardware type offers 40mm of seat depth adjustment, and is available in three different variants:

Quad Mount Quick-Release / Default: Has a unique locking system that allows the back support to be removed easily

Quad Mount Heavy-Duty: Features the same benefits as Quick-release and supports heavier users with it’s stronger L-brackets. Required for back supports over 20″ wide and/or over 23″ high and/or users who exert high loads on their seating.

Quad Mount Fixed: Back support is non-removable without the use of tools but is lighter (and a more cost-effective option). Limited adjustability and back angle.

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