Zippie X'Cape
Children's Wheelchair

Rigid kids wheelchair performance and folding wheelchair convenience

Zippie X’Cape by Sunrise Medical is a paediatric folding wheelchair with the first ever X-Lock™ technology.

This brings you the performance of a rigid frame and the convenience of a folding frame.

Designed for active and growing kids, the Zippie X’Cape weighs as little as 19 pounds and features a versatile frame.

Choose your wheelchair seating from the Spex range for the ultimate chair set-up!

The Zippie X'CAPE
Zippie X'Cape VersaRail
XLOCK Technology
Zippie Z-finity Footrest System
Works Well
With Wonderseat

“Goes together like salt and pepper”

Pair your Zippie X’Cape with a functional and comfortable seating system! Designed especially for kids who want to explore the wonderful world around them, the Wonderseat Bounce paediatric seating system from Spex provides the support and comfort your child needs to make the most of their new set of wheels!

Meet Lily With her ZIPPIE X'CAPE™, Lily's day is full of adventure and fun.
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