Zippie Iris

Cutting-edge rotation-in-space technology designed just for kids

The Zippie IRIS® rotation-in-space paediatric wheelchair offers a superior combination of positioning, maneuverability, and increased portability with the XLOCK® folding crossbrace option.

Script your Iris wheelchair seating from the Spex range for the ultimate chair set-up!

How to fold the Zippie IRIS
Works Well
With Wonderseat

“Goes together like cupcakes and frosting”

Pair your Zippie Iris with a functional and comfortable seating system! Designed especially for kids who want to explore the wonderful world around them, the Wonderseat Space paediatric seating system from Spex provides the support and comfort your child needs to make the most of their new set of wheels!


Colour Options
Specifications Zippie Iris
Code 1562-0000-000
Frame Style Tilt (Rigid or Folding)
Chair Weight (without footrests if applicable) Rigid
Standard: 32 lbs
Transport*: 22.8 lbs
Standard: 35.8 lbs
Transport*: 26.6 lbs
*excludes footrests, rear wheels, seat pan, armrests and transit
Frame Material Aluminum
User Weight Capacity 225 lbs
Transit Approved Yes
Tilt Capability Yes
Zippie Iris Frame & Feature Specifications
Overall Chair Width 17.5″ – 25.5″
Seat Widths Rigid: 10″ – 18″
Folding: 10″ – 16″ (grows to 18″)
Seat Depths 10″ – 18″
Frame Angle N/A
Front Seat-to-Floor Height 13″ – 19″
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height 13″ – 19″
Back Height Fixed: 19″, 22″, 25″
Adjustable: 16″-22″, 19″-25″
Reclining: 21″, 24″
Angle Adjustable Backrest Adjustment Range Fore (-) 5º to Aft (+) 30°
Seat Angle Adjustment N/A
Camber N/A
Centre of Gravity (COG) Adjustment 6″
Tilt Range 40° or 55°