Car Seat

Fully adjustable special needs car seat which offers excellent postural support and an inbuilt tilt function

The Starlight-NXT child car seat was developed to accommodate children with special needs.

The Starlight-NXT is specially designed for very small children, hence a double piece back support pad to reduce seat depth. However to allow for growth in the child, an XL kit is available to grow the car seat when required. The Starlight-NXT is suitable for young children from 9kg, and will grow with the child right up to 36kg.

​It is compatible with most vehicles and is designed to be installed in the back seat with the use of the vehicle’s 3-point safety belt. Additional to the vehicle’s seat belt, the Starlight-NXT comes with a 5-point padded harness to ensure optimum postural support and comfort.


Starlight-NXT Car Seat Installation
Starlight NXT Car Seat Use
Introduction to Special Purpose Car Seats

Crash tested to ECE-R44-04

Code 4140-0010-000
User Weight 9-36 kg
Seat Width 30 cm
Seat Depth 30 cm
Shoulder Height 27-37 cm
Approx. Car Seat Weight 13.5 kg

The Starlight-NXT standard package includes:

  • Backrest infill padding
  • Soft shoulder padding
  • Slim lateral trunk supports
  • 20° tilt
  • Swivel base system (left turning as standard)
  • Grey upholstery
  • 5 point comfort harness with shoulder and abdominal padding, and a centre pull adjuster

The slim design of the swivel base system allows for more space and headroom inside the car when transferring the client in and out of the vehicle, and only adds a mere 16mm to the overall height of the car seat!

MACA and

The Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP) independently assessed the Starlight-NXT Car Seat in 2021/22, in accordance with the AuSAP Test and Assessment Protocol. For more information about AuSAP visit

MACA’s Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP) independently assesses vehicle restraint options used by children with disabilities and medical conditions. AuSAP is not a certification program but aims to advance knowledge about the safety and design of restraint systems for children with disabilities and medical conditions.