Carrot XL
Car Seat

Larger version of the popular Carrot 3000 Car Seat

Carrot XL caters for safety and the importance of keeping the user in a supported posture for travel. This larger sized car seat is suitable for older children and adult users who will not fit into the Carrot 3000.

Equipped as standard with the low profile wide seat base, large size headrest, shoulder protector wings, and 50 mm backrest extension.

Extendable shoulder protector wings hold and protect the body from side impacts and centrifugal forces.

Tether options include additional security tether for the top of backrest or ISOfix latch connectors. These may be required by your local authorities.

Carrot XL Upgrade kit can be purchased to upgrade an existing Carrot 3000 Car Seat to an XL version, instead of purchasing a whole new car seat when the child grows out of the existing seat. Kit includes:

  • XL Low profile wide Seat Base
  • Longer metal rods for base
  • H-Harness
  • Hip belt


Please note that the XL Upgrade Kit must be fitted by Medifab Ltd or an authorised Medifab distributor.

When upgrading to an XL version the Carrot Shoulder Protector Wings and the 50mm Back Support Infill’s should already been in place. Also please note that the upgrade does not include a larger Head Support option.

Specifications Carrot XL
Code 4116-0020-259
User Height 140-175 cm
User Weight 36-75 kg
Seat Depth 45 cm
Seat Width 48 cm
Shoulder Height 45-67 cm (with Shoulder Protector Wings)
Seat Weight 10.5 kg
Overall Seat Depth 46 cm
Overall Seat Width 52 cm
MACA and

The Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP) independently assessed the Carrot XL Car Seat in 2021/22, in accordance with the AuSAP Test and Assessment Protocol. For more information about AuSAP visit

MACA’s Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP) independently assesses vehicle restraint options used by children with disabilities and medical conditions. AuSAP is not a certification program but aims to advance knowledge about the safety and design of restraint systems for children with disabilities and medical conditions.