Quickie iXpress
Wheelchair Power

The power you need…

All the convenience & transportability of a manual wheelchair. All the power & speed of a power wheelchair.

The iXpress offers a high performing, reliable Power Add On System, turning a manual wheelchair into a compact and convienent powered solution.

Whether you are going shopping, going to the movies or just hanging around with your family and friends the QUICKIE iXpress will truly extend life’s little pleasures.

Designed for Performance & Reliability: With the Quickie iXpress you can Xpress the distance travelled, Xpress the speed of travel and Xpress all your transport requirements.

  • Japanese designed, highly reliable electronics
  • Selectable speeds for easy transitions between environments
  • Easy to use ergonomic joystick controller
  • Full function attendant control with innovative glide to steer function


Quickie iXpress Specifications Adult