Meet Teimana, a 7-year-old boy with Mitochondrial Disease and Leigh Syndrome.

Teimana was 2 months old when he was diagnosed with the rare condition and was given 1-2 years to live. But he is 7 now and ‘doing pretty great’.

Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce this energy. When the mitochondria are not working properly, cells begin to die until whole organ systems eventually fail and the patient’s life is compromised.


Just a typical day with Teimana… he likes to wake up between the hours of 4am and 5am, get us awake with a good elbow and a bit of a slap on the head ‘well get up, let’s go, let’s do something’…

Medifab, in conjunction with Teimana’s therapist, is helping to make his life more comfortable by providing the needed support with the Spex specialised wheelchair seating solutions. The Spex Height-Adjustable Back Support gives him a greater quality of life as it has been moulded to fit his postural requirements which means it can extend to fit him as he grows.

The wheelchair is great, it supports him in every area because of how low toned he is and floppy, they have moulded it into the right shape for his body so that its like it’s especially for him; which is what we like the best about it because it helps him long-term, not just short-term.

Teimana’s seating system also includes the new Stylo Head Support system, providing the ultimate support around his head and keeping him in an aligned position so he can interact with those around him and engage in day-to-day activities.

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Listen to Teimana’s story…