Paediatric wheelchair seating, simplified.

Designed with paediatrics in mind, common challenges are solved with a small wheelchair system that is designed to work as one.

Wonderseat Space has been designed for children who require a moderate to high level of postural support in sitting. These are children who will typically be using a tilt-in-space wheelchair, so that the influence of gravity on their posture can be managed.

As part of the clinical rationale for this solution, the postural support supplied is able to match the needs of the client with little-to-no sitting control, with supports easily able to be moved away to help with transfers.

Available in two sizes:

Size 0: 6months to 5 years old.

Size 1: 4 – 10 years old

Welcome to a
World of Wonder!

Welcome to Mount Wonder; a majestic, magical place where the fabulous and friendly Wonderprint families roam.

Here, dreams billow, adventure beckons and everyone is welcome.

Meet the

The Wonderseat characters are courageous, strong and daring. You’ll find them roaming around the base of Mount Wonder, foraging for magic berries, playing in crystal clear streams, scheming for adventures and building huts.







Bounce is the Wonderprint pal that comes with the Wonderseat Bounce seating system.

This loyal buddy is here to cheer you on, lift you up and keep you entertained.






Space is the Wonderprint pal that comes with Wonderseat Space seating system.

The lovable friend is curious, courageous and tons of fun.


Install on
Different Frames!


Despite the Wonderseat Bounce being designed with manual wheelchairs such as folding and rigid frame chairs in mind, it can be installed on a range of different frames, including tilt-in-space wheelchairs.

Chair Compatibility
Size 0 Size 1
User Age 1-5yrs 4-11yrs
Max Load 47kg 47kg
Product Weight 7.9kg 9.5kg
Tray Table Weight 1.7kg 1.7kg
  Measurement Size 0 Size 1
Min Max Min Max
A Lateral Thigh Support Width 15cm 25cm 18cm 30cm
B Seat Depth 15cm 28cm 23cm 38cm
C Lateral Trunk Support Width 10cm 24cm 15cm 29cm
D Back Support Width 20cm 25cm
E Back Support Height 25cm 38cm 30cm 43cm
F Arm Support Height 12cm 19cm 11cm 19cm

Chair Compatibility Size 0 Size 1
Tube Diameter 19mm – 20mm 19mm – 30mm
Frame Width 10″ – 12″ 12″ – 14″
Frame Depth 11″ – 14″ 14″ – 17″
Back Post Height 10″ – 16″ 11″ – 18″
Seat base Mounting Point Separation 3″ – 7″ 6″ – 11″


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