WheelAir Temperature
Control System

Cool, Comfortable, in Control: Sling Back with integrated WheelAir System

A canvas back support but taken to the next level, combining function and effortlessly stylish (and silent) design. The WheelAir back support combines carefully selected fabric and foams to enhance your back support and comfort. Available in 6 widths to fit all manual or power chairs with a tension adjustable strap system.

WheelAir’s vision is to create a world where every wheelchair user feels comfortable and in control of their temperature. With years of product design experience, clinical partnerships, and input from wheelchair users informing them, the WheelAir team understands how to tackle problems caused by overheating and over-sweating; so they can design long-lasting and life-changing products for wheelchair users, which provide almost instant temperature relief and microclimate control.

WheelAir is the first temperature control system designed specifically for, and to fit all wheelchairs. By dispersing air evenly across your back using the patented channel technology, it helps avoid issues caused by overheating and over-sweating while keeping skin dry and clean. The unique design lets you stay cool and in control throughout the day.



Take control of your body temperature.


Help your sweat evaporate quicker.


Keep your skin dry and clean.

Whether as a result of medication, autonomous nervous system dysregulation, or a worsening of neurological symptoms, cooling yourself down when you are unable to sweat sufficiently can be a challenge. Once the overheating process has started, it will take much longer to cool back down, which is why we focus on preventing it altogether. Sweating too much can be mentally distressing and have an impact on the skin tissue with symptoms such as red marks on the skin, rashes, and the possibility of developing moisture associated skin damage. For individuals struggling with overheating or over-sweating, managing skin microclimate
can be a challenge. Research indicates that the ideal skin temperature is 32˚C; however,
when sitting against a standard backrest, the skin temperature rises 2.2˚C on average
within 30 minutes.

  • Increased risk of developing heat fatigue or heatstroke
  • Muscle spasms, heat-induced seizures, and nausea


  • Constant flow of air takes away excess heat through convection and conduction heat loss
  • Reduced back and body temperature aids prevention of symptoms

  • A need to change clothing multiple times per day
  • Skin macerates and becomes vulnerable: risk of moisture lesions and skin ulcers
  • Difficulty finding the right seating solution


  • Active airflow takes away excess heat and moisture, reducing the risks of skin damage associated with humidity and temperature, and improving comfort for the user.

  • Temperature and moisture are factors known to affect the physiological resilience of skin and underlying tissue


  • Airflow reduces the temperature of the back 2.5˚C in 3 minutes and 8˚C in 30 minutes
  • Airflow lowers relative humidity. Lower humidity and temperature improves the skin’s microclimate to keep skin dry and clean to help reduce the likelihood of moisture lesions and pressure sores.



Experiments conducted by the team at WheelAir and their partners clarify the performance of the airflow generated by the WheelAir when fitted to an active rigid wheelchair.

Our clinical indications show that the WheelAir can cool up to 8˚C within 30 minutes.

The study was further strengthened by published clinical research on microclimate, temperature control, and overheating for wheelchair users.

This graph demonstrates the average temperature differences for three different test groups. These results were obtained by using WheelAir at the highest setting 4*. Over a prolonged period of time, back temperature was observed to reduce with the ambient environment temperature. These results indicate that with the use of the WheelAir there is reduced heat build-up over time, which subsequently also reduces the risk of moisture developing.

*Please note that this research is based on WheelAir V1. The new V2 product has 5 settings and a 6th boost option.

Height 730 mm
Height when fitted 300 mm – 450 mm
Weight WheelAir system 751 g
Fanbox size 265 mm / 105 mm / 39 mm
Packaging dimensions 430 x 425 x 90 mm
Max User Weight 130 kg
User Care Textile covers machine washable (see care label)
Battery 3.7V 8000mAh Lithium-Ion
Battery Life 27 hours (lowest setting)
Charger 18W USB-C PD
Charge Time 2 Hours to 80%
Airflow 9 m/s – 28 m/s output    m/s = meters per second
Fan Lifespan 70,000 hours
Safety Transit Approved and tested to IEC60601
Certification CE Marked
Aftercare Each part can be replaced individually

Size Options

Width Medifab Code
29 cm 1461-2429-000
33 cm 1461-2433-000
36 cm 1461-2436-000
40 cm 1461-2440-000
42 cm 1461-2442-000
44 cm 1461-2444-000


Two Year Warranty


How easy is it to replace my current backrest with WheelAir?


The WheelAir is designed to easily replace the backrest of any (rigid or foldable) wheelchair with a canvas sling back. Just remove your backrest (which should be attached with velcro) and leave the tension adjustable straps on the frame. Simply fold your WheelAir backrest over the tension adjustable straps and you’re good to go.


Will WheelAir fit on folding wheelchairs?


The WheelAir backrest is designed to easily replace the backrest of any (rigid or foldable) wheelchair with a canvas sling back. The WheelAir is available in six sizes in order to best match your current backrest width.


Do I need to take my WheelAir off to fold my active wheelchair?


If you have a rigid active chair, the WheelAir can stay on when folding forward the backrest. If you have a folding chair, thus the frame folding in the middle, the fan box needs to be removed, but the backrest can stay on the chair.


Will the WheelAir back support change my posture in my chair?


Many WheelAir users describe the WheelAir cushion as a more supportive and posture correcting backrest compared to regular sling backs. This is due to the custom blend of high quality viscoelastic foams.


I can’t sweat, will WheelAir still help me stay cool?


It will! WheelAir takes away excess body heat through convection, conduction, and evaporation heat loss. So even if you don’t sweat, the convection and conduction heat loss will still cool you down. Check our Clinical Indications for more info!


I have no sensation below my spinal lesion…how will I feel a difference with WheelAir?


Even without sensation in your back, WheelAir will still keep you feeling cool. Overheating can cause fatigue, muscle cramps, spasms, nausea and other issues that you feel throughout your body. As your body cools down with WheelAir, the feeling of wellness should return, which is how you’ll know its working. The airflow helps reduce body temperature through a process of convection, conduction, and evaporation heat loss.


Is the WheelAir like air conditioning for your wheelchair?


The WheelAir is not “air conditioning”, so it does not cool down the air temperature before it goes through the backrest. But it does cool you down through convection, conduction, and evaporation heat loss!


It’s really hot where I live, does it still work?


WheelAir still works when it’s really, really hot outside because the airflow helps with cooling down through evaporation and latent heat transfer. Ideally, WheelAir works best when humidity is below 70%. The Clinical Indications show how much you can cool through each setting, in each environment ranging from 10˚C to 37˚C.


“The WheelAir ultimately makes me feel more in control.”

– Michael Kerr, Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Player, C6/7 Spinal Cord Injury

Michael Kerr loves playing wheelchair rugby. Having competed in both the Rio and London Paralympics, he knows how to push his body to perform at its peak. However, due to an inability to sweat below his lesion, his body sometimes isn’t as ready to play as he is. Not being able to regulate his body temperature means he can become dangerously hot.

Overheating during a game is extremely uncomfortable for Michael, and it can take up to an hour for him to return to a normal temperature. So, on game days, his body temperature is constantly changing – like a seesaw. There is no downtime between games. He told  us: “This is very, very tiring on my body.”

Before the WheelAir, Michael used water sprays and ice packs to cool down between games. These solutions made him feel better, but weren’t always practical or efficient and are a risk to his skin. By using the WheelAir before and after matches, his WheelAir is proving a far more effective tool to keep Michael cool.

He explained: “The WheelAir shortens cooling times – preserving energy that I need for playing rugby. It has certainly improved my athletic performance.” Michael can now start pre-cooling for games with his WheelAir before reaching the court.

And it isn’t just on the court that the WheelAir has Michael’s back, but every day for any moment.


Staying cool in Australia with WheelAir

– Natasha Price, Adaptive athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and blogger from the Gold Coast, Australia

In 2008, a rare disease, which she was unaware she had, left her blind and paralysed almost overnight. Three years later, a relapse left her paralysed from the neck down. Her optimism, determination and unwillingness to accept dependence as her future, has since lead her to an incredible life.

In April 2018, Natasha founded InvincAble, an organisation which empowers those living with disability to lead more full and active lives.

Natasha’s sport of choice is wheelchair racing. During her first marathon in July, 2018 Natasha had the honour of racing alongside Paralympic champions. This experience led her to the decision to chase future elite athletic dreams.

For more information about Natasha and InvincAble, please visit www.tashaprice.com


Natasha’s Review of WheelAir

I’ve had the opportunity to use WheelAir not only during my day to day activities but also during gym training sessions and outdoor cross training pushes in my day chair. On more than one occasion, I have felt like it was a godsend. During both activities the cooling action of the WheelAir has significantly extended the length of time I have been able to train for before overheating has become an issue. This is especially important in a place like Queensland, where we have a year round warm climate. Consequently, I achieve a more effective training program at all times of the year.

I have found WheelAir helpful on hot, humid days when I need to focus and get work done at home but the air conditioning isn’t keeping my body temperature regulated. It gives me that extra boost of coolness and allows me to concentrate longer and feel less overwhelmed by the weather.

Spending time with friends…

I have also found it great on warm nights out with friends, at times when I might otherwise have avoided being outdoors or in a crowded environment because I would have been too hot. For a long time, I would turn down offers of going to bars or evening BBQs due struggling with overheating and it has, at times, sadly led to isolation from friends. It’s nice to be able to join in now.

For example, I went to an outdoor Christmas party and it was such a warm night. I kept my WheelAir on all night and, I have to say, I really do think it helped stop me from overheating all night. It also kept me looking presentable in my fancy clothes and not a sweaty mess.

Why she loves the WheelAir…

The WheelAir is certainly an easy product to love. It’s premium looking, the cushioning makes it extremely comfortable, and it’s breathability just adds to the comfort, particularly in a sub tropical climate like here. I love the little pocket and have used it to store small items that I’d like easy access to. It really does come in handy. The remote control is pretty self explanatory and easy to operate.

I may not have always been able to physically feel the cooling sensation of the WheelAir; this has been particularly true on extremely hot, humid and unrelentingly sunny days, however, I can without question say that I feel a little less exhausted and sweaty after time outdoors, even indoors on a high humidity day. This has enabled me to not only be more productive in general but also get more enjoyment out of social activities. The WheelAir really has made a big difference to my life.