Spex Lateral Trunk Support:
Fixed Bracket

Spex lateral trunk supports offer adjustability, comfort and positioning

Wheelchair lateral trunk supports that are width and depth adjustable.

Sturdy yet lightweight fixed brackets are reversible to provide two length options for the support pad. Bracket design includes slots for adjustability and ease of installation.

Made from robust aluminium, Spex fixed lateral support hardware has no moving parts for strength and durability.

Select lateral pad from a huge range available to provide the exact snug fitting that is required.

  • Modular lateral supports provide optimum trunk control whilst improving balance, posture and comfort
  • Offset correction can be applied to an asymmetric trunk to bring better trunk alignment for enhanced function
  • Super comfortable pressure-reduction padding for moulding to user shape
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Brackets are adjustable in all planes: height, width, depth and lateral angle for ultimate trunk orientation
  • Provide trunk control and stability with the ability to install a lateral in multiple positions on the back support
How to script Spex Lateral Trunk Supports
Select Hardware
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