Lateral Support

Easily removable lateral support for transfers and other temporary removal situations such as sport.

The latest design in Spex lateral support hardware features a Quick-Release mechanism, ideal for users who wish to easily remove their lateral support for transfers and other situations where laterals temporarily require removal from the wheelchair. Simple lever mechanism can be released by either user or carer. Available in a range of depth sizes to fit varying back support upholstery thicknesses, the Quick-Release hardware can be fitted to any of the Spex lateral trunk support pads. A locking pin provided for use in transport and to prevent unintentional release of the support.

Spex Quick Release
Spex Quick Release
How to Script Spex Lateral Trunk Supports
Axial Fixed Angle Axial Swing-Away
Back Mount
1266-2601-100-X 1266-2621-100-X
Cane Mount
1266-2601-200-X 1266-2621-200-X
Bracket Weight 0.25kg-0.5kg

For left-hand (L) and right-hand (R) Quick-Release Lateral Trunk Support codes replace X with L or R.


Quick-Release Lateral Dimensions
Axial Lateral Adjustments
Extended Z Bars

Demonstrating the difference in depth between the Axial Fixed Angle and Axial Swing-Away options.

Axial Fixed Angle (Back Mount) Axial Swing-Away (Back Mount)

Range of adjustment available within the Axial lateral hardware.

The longer bars offer an extra 35mm extension suitable for mounting on thicker backrests. The Extended Z Bars are standard with the Axial Fixed Angle Laterals but not with the Axial Swing-Away Laterals, as these are 40mm longer in length.