Knee-pivot wheelchair with a low seat-to-floor height which allows for access under tables and desks as well as foot propelling.

The QUICKIE® ACCESS solves multiple seating challenges while allowing clients to self-propel, offering much appreciated independence. Its low seat-to-floor height allows access under tables and desks. It also allows the client to foot propel. If the client is using their hands to propel, the ACCESS tilt provides greater accessibility to the wheels while also promoting a stable and functional posture. Up to 25° of tilt and 50° of recline offers clinically effective pressure relief.

Low Seat-to-Floor Height

Knee-pivot wheelchairs (with pivots at the knee) have very different characteristics than center-of-gravity-pivot chairs. The forward pivot location provides low knee rise during tilt, enabling easy foot propulsion and clearance under tables for easier social engagement. Even if a thick cushion is needed for pressure relief or if larger casters are preferred, a low seat-to-floor height can be maintained, facilitating a stepping activity to propel the wheelchair. Access to tables is still achievable while managing pressure.

Tilt and Recline
Posterior Tilt
Anterior Tilt
Style in Motion