Quickie 2

Folding manual wheelchair

The modern Quickie 2 manual wheelchair series brings advanced aesthetics and technology to the lightweight folding Quickie range.

The Quickie 2 remains to be as versatile and modular as before but is now manufactured out of 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum which makes the redesigned crossbrace more rigid, stronger, and lighter.

The stronger folding wheelchair frame results in an increased weight capacity of 136 kg, while the overall chair weight is reduced by up to 1 kg. The incredibly versatile axle plate along with the modern wheels, caster housings, and upholstery provide a great-looking, easy-handling, and even more lightweight folding wheelchair.

One Chair to Fit All
Quickie Footrest and Elevated Legrest
Life in a small town
Colour Options
Code 1571-0000-000
Seat Width
Quickie 2: 12″ – 22″
Quickie 2 Lite: 14″ – 20″
Seat Depth
Quickie 2: 12″ – 20″
Quickie 2 Lite: 14″ – 20″
Front Seat Height 13.5″ – 22″
Rear Seat Height 13″ – 22″
Back Height 9″ – 21″
Back Support Angle -15º to 3º
Camber 0º, 2º, 4º
Max. User Weight
Quickie 2: 136kg
Quickie 2 Lite: 120kg
Product Weight From 5.4kg* (Transit)
* Frame weight only in the lightest configuration with no wheels, armrests or seating.