View the four part video series demonstrating how to achieve successful seating and positioning outcomes for complex postures.

This video series is an example of a start to finish process, from evaluating the client right through to the final seating configuration.

Video Series
Part 1: Clinical Evaluation
Part 2: Installation to Wheelchair
Part 3: Adjustments for positioning
Part 4: Overview

Part 1 covers how a wheelchair therapist evaluates the client and comes up with a plan on how to overcome postural challenges.

Once a thorough clinical evaluation is finalised and correct measurements are recorded, the most appropriate seating system for the user must be selected, view Part 2 to learn how this accomplished.

Part 3 demonstrates the adjustments and configurations to the Spex Seating system once the seating has been installed to the wheelchair.


Part 4 gives an overview on how Spex Seating technology provides the most intuitive approach to the seating and positioning for anyone requires a wheelchair.