Spex SuperShape
Back Support

The wheelchair back support with extreme contouring capabilities! SuperShape p
rovides an extra supportive wheelchair back solution using Shape Technology for contouring to provide postural integrity, pressure relief and comfort.

The SuperShape is a seating system that successfully meets individual trunk shapes of users with complex postural needs, and can be fitted and changed anywhere and at any time.

It looks simple; however, the SuperShape has patented, concealed technology!

On the outside:

Robust and durable back support with a breathable, washable cover.

On the inside:

  • Expansion Fabric Cover: Allows extensive contouring without compromising skin protection.
  • Primary Contouring Section: With comfortable pressure-reducing foam surface layer to absorb bony prominences.
  • Secondary Contouring Section: With contouring cube cells on both sides.
  • Positioning Wedges: Zipped up inside the cover.

Clinical & Functional
Moderate Needs Complex Needs Custom Needs
Contouring of the cushioning is achieved by adjusting the multiple layered padded pocket cells to create areas of greater or lesser support. On-the-spot contouring allows the patient to adopt their preferred posture for maximum function and comfort. SuperShape’s simple method accomplishes superior seating results by accurately contouring to the complex shapes seen in highly involved clients.
Videos &
Contouring for Scoliosis
Contouring for Lordosis
Contouring for Kyphosis
How to use the Contouring Chart
Ella's Story
Celebrating six years of the SuperShape Back Support
Weight Capacity
Product Codes

What colours are available to select from for my back support cover?


You can choose from Granite Grey, Ocean Blue, Royal Purple, Calypso Pink, Chilli Red, Mango Orange, Bumblebee Yellow, Leaf Green, or the standard Black, to brighten up your Spex cushion, back support, and head support!

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