Spex Stylo 260
Head Support

Infinite adjustability for the most complex situations!

Stylo 260 is engineered to offer ultimate and unparalleled adjustability to meet the most complex head positioning needs! With simple adjustment and intuitive design, it brings simplicity to the most complex of cases.

Similar to Stylo 160, clever use of twin ball joints means the head pad can be orientated to where the optimal support is required, through an available 45° of pitch; coupled with two hinge joints that offer infinite up and down, and forward and backward adjustment. In addition, it offers incredible reach with length-adjustable links.

Available in flip-back option for ease of transfers.

The Stylo Head Support is transport approved.

Stylo - The latest head support technology from Spex

Designed for the individual who:

  • Presents with increased thoracic or lumbar curvature of the spine and therefore requires the head support to be placed afar from the back support.
  • Presents with rotation or lateral flexion of the trunk and may require the head support to be positioned in a specific spot, offset from the back support.

Flip-back option

Flip-back option

Available on both the Stylo 160 and 260, the flip-back mechanism option is an excellent choice for individuals who require assistance with transfers in and out of the wheelchair. Simply slide the red collar up to disengage the stem and swing backwards.

Stylo 260 Standard: 1274-1282-000

Stylo 260 Flip-back: 1274-2282-000


990 grams (excluding head pad)
1.01kg Flip-back, excluding head pad)

Horizontal Forward Adjustment


Vertical Adjustment


(145mm in stem, 80mm for Flip-back)

Sideways Adjustment*


Frontal Angle Adjustment


Sagittal Angle Adjustment

180° top hinge + 90° top ball joint

180° bottom hinge + 90° bottom ball joint

Transverse Angle Adjustment


*Additional sideways adjustment can be achieved using the alternative mounting positions on the grid-base back support shell in 25mm increments.