The Importance of 'Growing' Products

“Growing products” refer to the products that are adaptable to cater to a child’s needs throughout different growth stages. At Medifab, the paediatric products that are adaptable include the Bingo Mini Stroller, the Sharky Bathroom Chair, the Carrot Car Seat, and the Spex Wonderseat Wheelchair Seating System. Each benefit converges on a singular message; the child can be supported in the product for a longer period of their life, positively affecting the child from the clinical and caregiver perspective.

  1. Continuity of Support – Peace of mind.

    The simple fact is that if a product can adapt to growth, the child can stay in that product for a longer period of their life. This creates a sense of reassurance and peace of mind for caregivers as they get to learn a product once, and this information stays relevant for a longer period. Not only does it streamline management processes, but it also cultivates an environment of comfort and normalcy, enriching the child’s everyday experiences.

  2. Continuity of Support – Clinical.

    Our Clinical Educator, Jamie Cockle, states that “if a product has been deemed appropriate for the child, then it means they can stay in the support they need for a longer time, benefiting them in a clinical sense.”
    These products are significant in the way that they evolve alongside children, nurturing them through critical phases of development in their formative years. Established, consistent support is not to be underestimated, which is why the most valuable mobility products are those that adapt to different stages of life.

  3. Funding Benefit.

    The funding body sees an extraordinary benefit as they don’t need to refund a brand-new product overall- saving time and resources. For example, with a Bingo Mini stroller, the frame can be upgraded to hold a larger seat unit, essentially converting it to a ‘Bingo Evo’ Stroller. This means that only the seat unit in the next size up needs to be funded, instead of a whole new stroller. Other products, such as the Sharky Bathroom Chair, come with an adaption kit, which allows the base frame to be reused for a bigger seating unit.