Hazel is a cheeky 7-year-old who lives with her Mum, Dad and little brother and sister in Christchurch, New Zealand. Hazel was diagnosed with a very rare condition called Behr Syndrome, which causes low muscle tone and blindness; only a handful of people in the world have this condition.

Hazel has recently received a Gravity Chair, which has changed her whole family’s life. It provides a comfortable and safe place for Hazel to relax, which means her parents don’t have to worry when making dinner and tending to their younger children.

“We can do stuff around the house knowing that she’s safe and upright and enjoying herself”


Hazel’s mum, Kate, says she finds the Gravity Chair incredible. Before the Gravity Chair, Hazel didn’t have anywhere to sit in a relaxed position safely and comfortably, but now Kate knows she’s sitting somewhere safe if she quickly needs to tend to her other children. There is no need to buckle her in too tight, like when she is upright in her wheelchair, standing frame or high chair, as the high sides of the Gravity Chair cocoon Hazel and support her comfortably.



Hazel’s Dad, Tane, agrees with Kate and adds that one of the best features for him is that the material is wipeable, making it easy to clean and look after. The Gravity Chair’s useful handles and light weight means it can also be easily moved around the house.


In the video below, Hazel’s parents describe how the Gravity Chair has had such a huge impact on their lives.


Tane says that the Medifab staff that he’s engaged with have always been really positive and Kate agrees that Hazel always seems to have a beaming smile when she sees them. She says they’re so good at coming in, setting the equipment up, adapting it to Hazel’s needs and they entertain Hazel, which is always a plus!

…well Hazel, we think you’re a superstar and you never fail to bring a smile to our faces too!


At home, Hazel uses the Zoomi+ high chair, which enables her to sit at the dining table for meals with her family. Hazel has the Jenx Corner Seat at school, and at home, she uses the Juni Chair to play at floor level with her friends and siblings.

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We know that standing time is important for a wide range of reasons, including increased bone density, hip development and better functioning bodily systems such as digestion. Hazel uses her Jenx Standz at home, where she enjoys playing with her toys on the tray.

Hazel’s Carrot 3000 Car Seat keeps her safe and comfortable when travelling in the family car and the Sharky Bathroom Chair supports her whilst showering.

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