Jenx Corner

Offers support in long sitting, which is a child’s usual first sitting position

Adjustable height back and can be used with or without the upper back support. An abduction block is used to help keep your child well positioned, with their hips neatly back into the seat.

Corner shape helps to maintain your child in midline and, if you prefer to have a flat back with wings at the side, there are small triangular cushions available to place at the back to provide this setting.

The corner seat is an ideal first seat for any child, and can be used with the Jenx Nursery Table. Small touch and close tape straps are used to keep the two products safely connected to each other whilst in use.

Long sitting, with the legs stretched out in front, helps to maintain the length of the muscles behind the knee.

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Code (Blue) 3140-0041-066 3140-0042-066 3140-0043-066
Code (Green) 3140-0041-054 3140-0042-054 3140-0043-054
Approx Age 1/2 – 2 Years 1-6 Years 4-10 Years
Back Pad Height 31.5-42.5 cm 44-62 cm 50-68 cm
Seat Depth 35 cm 37 cm 46.5 cm
User Weight 25 kg 35 kg 55 kg
Base Size (Footprint) 49-50 cm 52-54 cm 60-63 cm
Seat Weight 7 kg 10 kg 13 kg

Child’s name: Kizzy

Child’s condition: Cerebral Palsy

Product: Jenx Corner Seat

Centre attended: Hadrian Special needs School

Therapist: G Baird (Physiotherapy)

Background: Kizzy was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at eleven months old. She is mainly affected with her mobility, she is unable to walk unaided at all or sit unaided for prolonged periods. Kizzy is not affected in any way mentally, only with her physical development although this is improving on a day to day basis. Medically Kizzy is doing well, she takes Glycopyrronium tablets three times a day to help with her excess dribbling and these have made a huge difference to her and virtually stopped all dribbling, this is the only medication she takes. She also suffers from subluxing hips, which is frequent dislocation, and one side is substantially worse than the other which in the future may result in surgery. Kizzy has already had surgery once before on her hips, this was to release her groin muscles to try to help this subluxing. Kizzy also had botox in her calf muscles to help relieve the tightness; the botox worked well but unfortunately did not help her hips.

Description of product trialled: Kizzy is being assessed in the Corner Seat to see if it can help to keep her sitting in a good position.

General and Emotional benefits: The Corner Seat allows Kizzy to sit alongside her peers at floor level while they play and interact, which means that she no longer feels excluded or different which is a very big emotional benefit. The seat keeps her safe and secure without someone having to sit behind or next to her to hold or support her. This would make Kizzy feel less independent with her peers and also it would disrupt the interaction between her and the other children as having an adult present would unconsciously change her and her peer’s behaviours.

The family have pointed out that one of the great benefits of the Corner Seat is that it’s so easily portable; they can take it to family and friends houses, to the park for picnics, children’s parties and even to the beach. They have also been able to take the Corner Seat away on their family holidays to Florida and Majorca, showing how simple it is to fit your life around the Corner Seat without having to adapt massively. They use the seat at home and in school and feel that it gives Kizzy a way to sit alone with her friends, at the same level with them offering a better platform for interaction. A Corner Seat Testimonial – Kizzy brilliant benefit of the chair is the fact she feels safe and secure, it gives her full use of her hands because she doesn’t have the fear of falling over.

Conclusion: The family and Kizzy really love this piece of equipment as it helps in everyday family life, and helps to keep Kizzy independent, giving her confidence and injecting some normality into her everyday life. The family have now also got the nursery table that fits perfectly to the seat, utilising even more the great benefits of the Corner Seat.