Monoblok Supine
Knee Support
Small Medium Large
Code 7013-7552-000 7013-7553-000 7013-7554-000
Width 36cm 40cm 60cm
Length 10cm 20cm 25cm

Symmetrisleep isn’t just for the young. Read about a 79 year old woman:

“This lady had remained in bed in a Nursing Home for several months and had contracted into the foetal position, to the point where her legs were so contracted she was no longer safe to sit out in a chair. She appeared to be constantly tense and frightened, locked in her own world.

After 3 months of using the Symmetrikit sleep system her response was overwhelming. The support she receives from the sleep system makes her feel more secure and she appears much  less tense and frightened. Using the knee brace we were able to open up her contracted legs enough to get her out of bed and into a chair.

To see her looking around and glimpses of her starting to show an interest in her surrounding again was amazing.”

Trish Crompton
Specialist Occupational Therapist –Continuing Healthcare
Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust