Air Mantle
For Bed

Enjoy the benefits of improved thermal comfort at night time.

The Symmetrisleep™ Air-Mantle is an accessory from the world renowned Symmetrisleep™ 24hr postural care lying and positioning system. It is designed to ventilate the user by providing a platform of air between them and the supporting surface and helps to wick away perspiration – thus minimizing the risk of pressure sores.

A great option for individuals with the inability to regulate their own body temperature, be it because they cannot adjust their blankets or due to a neurological impairment.

Great for:

  • Brain injuries – TBI/ABI etc…
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Dementia Patients – successfully tried and proven.
  • Patients that overheat and perspire excessively

Machine wash or dry clean up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Funding Tip: Apply for this Air-mantle as a topper pad for any bed – not classified as ‘24hr positioning’ but simply as a mattress accessory.

This product is part of the suite of the Symmetrisleep™ System – click here to view.

Single Size
Code 7014-8010-S00
Thickness 2 cm
Length 190 cm
Width 100 cm

Image on right shows pressure reading with FSA monitor under hips in supine. Decu 3 alternating mattress.

These are typical results- Without the Airmantle, the results are good, with an average pressure when the appropriate cells are deflated of just under 10mmHg with a peak pressure of 58 mmHG. With a Lowzone overmantle in place the peak was reduced to 27mmHg and the average to 6mm Hg. With an Airmantle in place, we see even better results. Download full report here for further details.