Nitrum Hybrid

Most Rigid, Still Lightweight

The Nitrum Hybrid offers a reinforced front frame without compromising its proven lightweight construction.

The dual tube design is suitable for users up to 136kg and combines extraordinary stability with durable lightweight construction and full adjustability. This leads to an ultra-stiff frame design and an unrivaled rigid ride.

Choose Your Frame Type:

  • Hybrid Frame: Most Rigid, Still Lightweight.
  • Open Frame: Lightest Weight, Simplest Design. Learn More


User-Inspired Innovations: The first integrated LEDs with removable battery.

Mounted on both castor arms and with  3 modes (high, low and blink), the integrated LED’s will light-up your night.  The power pack provides up-to 4 hours of run time and can be easily detached for recharging or to save you 110g weight. How’s that for bright?

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