3 in 1 positioning for children with simple to complex needs, from 9 months-13 years

Highly supportive standing in prone, supine or upright.

An unrivalled amount of adjustment for height and width and a maximum user weight of 60kg on the size 2 make the Multistander the perfect choice for growing children or multi-user environments. Smooth and easy angle adjustments take the Multistander from horizontal right through to upright facilitating easy transfers in supine and an unlimited scope for setting the precise standing angle required for every child.

Wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options allow you to customise every Multistander for any individual user, whilst the deliberately open design ensures you can easily see exactly how they are positioned each and every time. The capacity for outstanding thoracic and pelvic support coupled with highly adjustable leg positioning options make the Multistander a great option for almost every child.  If you need flexibility, the Jenx Multistander has got it!

Product Demonstration
Instructional Video - Locking the castors
Size 1 Size 2
Configuration Prone Supine Prone Supine
Code 5230-0001 5230-0002
Angle 10-90° 90-10° 10-90° Powered
0-80° Manual
Age Range 9 months – 6 years 3 – 13 years
Max. User Height 116 cm 175 cm
Max. User Weight 35 kg 60 kg
Frame Width 56.5 cm 65 cm
Frame Length 71 cm 99.5 cm
Min Height (foot to top of upper support) 49.5 cm 57 cm 70 cm 77.5 cm
Max Height (foot to top of upper support) 86 cm 86 cm 117 cm 117 cm
Min Height (foot to top of headrest) 66 cm 84 cm
Max Height (foot to top of headrest) 116 cm 135 cm (No shoulder support)
150 cm (Shoulder support)
Chest Pad Width 15 – 26 cm 17 – 32 cm
Hip Pad Width 12 – 26 cm 17 – 32 cm
Kneeblock Width (centre to centre) 12 – 20 cm 14.5 – 28 cm
Frame Height (floor to top of upper pad) 600 – 900 cm 660 – 900 cm 600 – 900 cm 660 – 900 cm
Footplate Angle Range -15 – +15° -15 – +15°


Warranty:  24 months from date of purchase.

Why should I choose a Multistander rather than a Prone or Supine Stander?



One of the major benefits of the Multistander range is that it is a 3 in 1 standing system, that offers prone, upright and supine standing in one standing frame.  This makes it ideal for multiuser environments as well as accommodating the changing needs of any particular user – this is particularly relevant where the diagnosis points to a deteriorating condition.

Kerry Mcphee & Ashton