Back Support

The most versatile JAY wheelchair backrest

The JAY J3 wheelchair back range offers a multitude of different widths, heights, and contoured depth back shells to suit the clients individual positional needs. Each back support is lightweight and adjustable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation.

Carbon Fiber Shell available


The J3 Back now offers a Carbon Fiber shell option for the ultimate in lightweight performance. Weighing as little as 1 kg. when combined with RH hardware, the J3 Carbon Fiber Back is the perfect addition to any Quickie ultra lightweight wheelchair. The J3 Carbon Fiber Back can also be paired with the Freestyle Backrest System, available on the Quickie 7R and 7RS.

J3 Back Hardware Enhancements
JAY CradleU Support System
12″ to 26″
Lower Thoracic: 6.5″, 8″, 9.5″
Mid Thoracic: 12″, 13.5″, 15″
Upper Thoracic: 16.5″, 18″, 19.5″
Shoulder Height: 21″, 22.5″, 24″
Support Level
Low Thoracic, Mid Thoracic, Upper Thoracic, Shoulder High
Cover Type
Air Exchange / Microclimatic
Shallow, Mid Contour, Deep Contour, Mid Deep Contour and Posterior Deep Contour
Max. User Weight
12″ to 20″ widths: 136 kg
22″ to 26″ widths: 226 kg

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