JAY Foot Positioning

Foot, heel, and ankle support for an improved seating footprint and overall posture

The Jay range of foot positioning products come in three styles…

  • Foot & Ankle Positioning System – padded heel support with foot and ankle straps for clients with moderate tone
  • Shoe Holder with Padded Strap – two foot straps for extra security with additional heel and lateral foot support for clients with moderate to high tone
  • Flexi-Feet System – dynamic construction to accommodate clients who may experience frequent periods of tone or involuntary movements

Jay Foot & Ankle Positioning System
Small Medium Large X-Large
Left     1453-6101-OOL Left     1453-6102-OOL Left     1453-6103-OOL Left     1453-6104-OOL
Right     1453-6101-OOR Right     1453-6102-OOR Right     1453-6103-OOR Right     1453-6104-OOR
Jay Flexi-Feet System (pair)
X-Small Small Medium Large
1453-6061-000 1453-6062-000 1453-6063-000 1453-6064-000
Jay Shoe Holder with Padded Strap (pair)
Small Medium Large X-Large
1453-6071-000 1453-6072-000 1453-6073-000 1453-6074-000

See the scripting guide for more details and dimensions.

Warranty: 12 months