JAY Foot Box

Wheelchair support for foot, ankle, and calf skin protection and comfort

Designed to protect the lower extremities from injury and skin breakdown resulting from periods of high tone, JAY Foot Boxes offer three styles to suit individual client needs.

Size Height Code With Divider
Single Standard 1453-5001-STD
Tall 1453-5001-TAL
12″ Full Standard 1453-5012-STD
14″ Full Standard 1453-5014-STD
16″ Full Standard 1453-5016-STD 1453-5116-STD
Tall 1453-5016-TAL 1453-5116-TAL
18″ Full Standard 1453-5018-STD 1453-5118-STD
Tall 1453-5018-TAL 1453-5118-TAL
20″ Full Standard 1453-5020-STD 1453-5120-STD
Tall 1453-5020-TAL 1453-5120-TAL
22″ Full Standard 1453-5022-STD 1453-5122-STD
Tall 1453-5022-TAL 1453-5122-TAL