Victor's Seating

Victor – a young man who happily resides with his parents in Cancun, Mexico. Victor was born with Cerebral Palsy and since birth has required a wheelchair for all his daily activities. Going to the beach and playing with his team in baseball league are the two things Victor enjoys doing most. With a substantial amount of his time spent in a wheelchair, Victor’s posture needs to be supported correctly so he can continue doing the things he loves.

Over the years Victor has had numerous seating systems, unfortunately none of which had been correctly configured to his posture. His parents were determined to find a solution that would provide stability and comfort for the length of time he spends sitting and, in turn, avoid further postural and body shape distortions.


After making initial contact with Spex Seating, Victor and his parents joined Bruce Mascull and Sofia Bello where they conducted a virtual postural seating assessment for Victor. This was to understand not only his posture requirements, but his goals and values to ensure all his seating needs and desires were met. As Sofia explains further,

We talked about Victor’s needs, knowing his circumstances and goals and his health condition, focusing on how to improve his, and his family’s, active participation in such a way that their preferences, values and desired needs are met. We were able to identify where, and what types, of supports he needed, to reduce the body shape distortions, he presented with.


From the assessment, it was evident that Victor required a new configured seating system. Bruce and Sofia contacted the Spex distributor in Costa Rica, Rehabilitate, where Andrés (Physical Therapist) and Milena (Occupational Therapist) were excited to assist. It was their team who were the physical hands behind the fitting, ensuring that Victor’s desires and needs were fulfilled. In collaboration with the team at Rehabilitate, Physiotherapist Sofia Bello recommended the following seating solutions that were fitted to Victor’s wheelchair:

The Importance
Stable Positioning

Stable positioning for all daily activities is especially important for Victor when he is eating, playing, and generally participating in family life. With his previous seating system, he was unable to maintain an upright sitting position independently, leading to kyphosis and trunk rotation. Now his Spex Seating System provides stability with external postural supports enabling him to use his arms and head for daily activities and social interaction. Improving stability ensures that his hand and arm movement is controlled, and allows participation in baseball as he can sustain a stable, safe and comfortable sitting position.

Insight into Victor's Spex Journey
Victor's Story

No matter the barriers faced in today’s world, Spex is continually striving to ensure accessibility to life-changing solutions and outcomes through the power of collaboration and teamwork. Making positive impacts to lives around the globe is the reason our mission stands, Shaping Better Lives. This is evident in the video below where Victor’s father provides an insight to the process and delivery of Victor’s new Spex Seating System.