Uniquely versatile positioning experience for children and adults of all ages, whether needs are simple or more complex

Therapy product that can be used for play, support, therapy, rest or even imaginative play.  It’s incredible versatility and flexibility mean it can aid a wide variety of therapy uses.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes activity such as crawling
  • Promotes balance when used for sitting either astride or to one side
  • Supports a specific posture by placing Ziggy behind or in front of a user to help maintain an overall body posture (whether lying or sitting)
  • Supports a younger child in a corner seat position (by bending Ziggy round into a “U” shape and placing on the floor
  • Supports a child in a prone position with shoulders raised (in the absence of a wedge), by placing the child in position over Ziggy and bending the product around their hips to keep them in midline
  • Provides elbow/arm rest support for older users when reading/knitting etc, by placing Ziggy around the waist as a soft and comfortable and supportive arm rest

Ziggy comes in two lengths and is square in its cross section. It can be bent at numerous points to create many different shapes.

Ziggy also works particularly well with the Dreama Lying and Positioning System, where a defined whole body or specific limb posture can be supported.

15 things you can do with Ziggy!
  1. Ziggy can be simply dropped on the floor and curled into a semi-circle shape to make a corner seat.
  2. Ziggy can be placed on the floor in a straight line and used to crawl along with the height of Ziggy keeping your child in a proper crawling posture.
  3. Ziggy can be used as a wedge for simple prone lying.  Place Ziggy on the floor either straight or curled into a semi-circle and place your child prone with their arms over Ziggy to create a ‘wedge”.
  4. Ziggy can be used to support your child in side lying on Dreama.  Place Ziggy behind your child, moulding it to conform to the shape you wish them to adopt to sleep and then use the Dreama Glide-Lock™ supports to hold Ziggy in place.
  5. When your child is sitting and needs to have their elbows supported, wrap Ziggy around their waist as they sit to create a platform on which they can rest their elbows or balance a book or toy within easy reach.
  6. Ziggy can be used as a cuddle for your child in side lying.  Place Ziggy in front of your child when they are side lying and get them to cuddle Ziggy.
  7. Use Ziggy to practise sit to stand for young children.  Place Ziggy on the floor, your child can then sit on Ziggy and practise rising to standing and back to sitting again.
  8. Use Ziggy as a roll under your child’s knees when they are lying supine.  This is a stable position and might be used just after a feed to allow them to rest with the pressure on their abdomen reduced by having their knees bent over Ziggy.
  9. Ziggy can be used to support very young babies in midline as they lie.  Simply place your child on their back, bend up their knees and bend Ziggy around their feet and up either side of them to give them a “midline channel” of support.
  10. Use Ziggy to act as a wedge with built in body alignment.  Place your child prone on Ziggy with their arms over the centre as if over a wedge and use the length of Ziggy down either side to keep them symmetrical and in a straight line as they play.
  11. Use Ziggy as a corner seat in conjunction with a Jenx Nursery table.  Place Ziggy on the floor and mould into a semi-circle to create a corner seat.  Place your child in the corner seat and bring a nursery table to them for feeding,  play or other table based activities.
  12. Use two Ziggy’s on top of each other to create a higher corner seat for children who need help in maintaining shoulder protraction for play.  Make a semicircle from the lower Ziggy and the higher one to bring your child’s shoulders forward.  You may need to wrap a towel or blanket around both Ziggy’s to prevent your child knocking the upper Ziggy to the floor.
  13. Use Ziggy to help your child to experience the correct position for crawling.  Straighten Ziggy and place on the floor.  Place your child on Ziggy with their arms and legs on either side of Ziggy.  They are now able to feel how it is to have your arms and legs drop forward.  Place your child’s knees on the floor so they feel their lower leg against the carpet.  They can of course crawl along Ziggy now if they wish.
  14. Use Ziggy to maintain abduction in sit to stand practise for young children.  Place Ziggy straightened out on the floor and assist your child to sit astride Ziggy.  You can then practise sit to stand with their hips kept in a neutral or slightly abducted position.
  15. Use Ziggy to practise walking without crossing legs over.  You child stands astride Ziggy and walks along the length of Ziggy which prevents them from crossing their legs over one another as they step.

Size 1 Size 2
Length 120 cm 120 cm
Height 10 cm 15 cm
Width 10 cm 15 cm
Code 7040-0301-000 7040-0302-000
Ziggy Cover 7040-0371-000 7040-0372-000