Jenx Nursery

Effectively used in conjunction with the Jenx Corner Seat, the Jenx Nursery Table is available in three sizes to suit children from 9 months to 6 years old.

Simple adjustment is continuous rather than at specific increments, so the height can be set at precisely the right level for every child.

Bright contrasting edging assists children with identifying their area of work and prevents items from being knocked off the table. It also provides a place for toys to be secured to.

Short tape straps attach to the Corner Seat to keep it secure and in place, and prevent the child tipping the table over.

Table cut-out gives children the opportunity to be surrounded by the work surface and get close to the tabletop activities.

Size 0 1 2
Code 3140-7101-000 3140-7102-000 3140-7103-000
Base Size 60.5 x 38 cm 60.5 x 38 cm 70 x 42 cm
Table Top Angle Range +40º to -40º from horizontal
Table Top Size 51 x 60.5 cm 51 x 60.5 cm 51 x 70.5 cm
Table Height 19-28 cm 24.5-34.5 cm 29-44 cm
Fits Corner Seat Size* Size 1 Size 2 Size 3

* Note that all Nursery Tables can be used with all Corner Seats.