Jenx Junior+
Seating System

Seating system for mild, moderate, and complex needs


The Junior+ offers highly flexible supportive seating for children from 18 months – 12 years. An outstanding level of versatility is achieved through a wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options, meaning each Junior+ can be exactly tailored to the needs of any individual child.

The contoured seat unit constructed from super-soft polyurethane and memory foam provides unparalleled comfort and the perfect base for true pelvic stability.

Created in conjunction with children, parents, therapists and care staff, the Junior+ has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to meet a wide range of needs, meaning every child can be comfortable and perfectly supported, allowing them to get on with playing and learning.

Locking Castors
Sandal Fitting
Ankle Snugs
Seat Depth
Leg Control Pads
Lap Strap
Hip Guide
Back Angle
Push Handle
Lumbar Pad
Back Pad
Flexible Thoracic Support Pads
Shoulder Protractors
Waistcoat Harness

6 years old
Smiling Bright with Jenx Junior+: Penelope's Resilient Story
A delightful and resilient girl, Penelope radiates happiness despite the hurdles she bravely overcomes.
Jenx Junior+ Standard Packages
Seat Dimensions
Y-Base Dimensions