Head Ring
Postural Cushion


It comfortably supports the patient’s head. If you need support especially on one side, the special filling allows you to shake the mixture to one side of the cushion and position it slightly skewed to one side if needed.

Can be positioned with the opening towards the patient’s visual direction which allows for a stable position for the head and neck, backwards and sideways. If the patient has the ability to make a lot of head movement the pillow can move out of place so the patient must be able to move the pillow or get help with this.

Cover Polyamid bi-elastic fabric (47%) coated with polyurethane (53%) coating with antibacterial treatment.
Filling 100% Polystyrene micro-particles
Maintenance Wipe with standard detergent.
Fire Standard Passes the requirements of EN 597 – 1 & 2 and EN ISO 12952 – 1 to 4


Size Width Code
Small 35 cm 7007-4082-045
Large 40 cm 7007-4081-066