Fitleg Leg Positioning

Effective leg & heel positioning

Fitleg leg positioning systems are specially designed to allow leg stability and to relieve total heel pressure. The contact and softness of the Viscolux foam provides ultimate comfort.

  • Relieve pressure on heels.
  • Provide proper orthopedic alignment of lower limbs.
  • Limit the opening angle at knee level.
  • Friction around the anklebone and knee articulations.
  • Leg-crossing
  • Lateral movement.

Read our Care Wave knowledge base guide for further examples of positioning.

Fitleg Small Fitleg Large Fitleg Evo Fitleg Non-Slip
Code 7007-1802-066 7007-1801-066 7007-1811-066 7007-1821-066
Width 40 cm 55 cm 55 cm 55 cm
Length 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm
Height 12 cm 12 cm 12 cm 12 cm