Decubitus Postural


The S-shaped Decubitus cushions are very well suited to creating a stable position in the corrected position. The cushion provides excellent trunk stability while one can vary the hip and knee angle. The lower part of the “S” can be drawn up between the knees so that one achieves the right median and good body symmetry.

This cushion can also be shaped into a U-shaped cushion by adjusting the fill and rotating one end and thus provide a neutral position for the knee and hip joints, while the pad is pushed under the seat to fix the pelvis. The ends also provide support for the elbows.

Size Small (XS) Large (XL) XX-Large
Code 7007-3002-045 7007-3001-066 7007-3004-066
Length 140 cm 180 cm 200 cm
Width 25 cm 30 cm 36 cm
Cover Code 7007-3002-270 7007-3001-270