Tips for prescription of a Contracture Footplate with a Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair.

For clients who have significant knee contractures, a Contracture Platform Footrest system can be used which allows for very tight knees and placement of feet underneath the chair.

When assessing the client for their wheelchair, consider whether the footplates need to be positioned underneath and backward (more than 90 degrees reverse) on the chair.

The Contracture Footplate replaces swing-away hanger mounts and clamps around the seat rail. It requires use of the “Contracture Frame”.

The Contracture Footplate system is also adjustable in leg length, angle and footplate depth/position, and knee angle. It is available with both the Sunrise Quickie Iris and Zippie Iris Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs. Tip: the system does not swing-away for transfers.

You can select mounting location as either Internal or External:
Internal Mount External Mount
Attachment is in the middle. Hanger is attached laterally on the chair.

Both images below show the Internal Mount Contracture Footplate in use on a Quickie Iris Wheelchair: