Access the Medifab library of helpful resources to assist therapists and families who are being introduced to sleep systems as part of a 24 hour postural care routine. Resources include product selection guide, example usage, tips and tricks, and Medifab’s comprehensive sleep system directory and family workshop booklet.


Medifab Sleep Directory Book

See Medifab’s Sleep Directory catalogue, an extremely useful resource for therapists and parents. You will find some powerful material at the beginning of the book to facilitate discussions with families about 24 hour postural care and also a 24 hour clock diagram on the back page. This is for you to copy and complete for your clients. This diagram has been found to be a very graphic way to communicate to carers and families just how important it is to be cognisant of the various postures the individual is subjected to throughout their day and night.

View the Medifab online Sleep Systems catalogue here

Order your printed copy of the Sleep Systems catalogue here

Medifab Sleep System Resources for families

Below are a number of useful resources for families who are being introduced to sleep systems as part of a 24 hour postural care routine. Medifab also have a Powerpoint Presentation available specifically for therapists to present to families. To obtain your copy click here.

This shows the importance of correct positioning at night time. Maximise Postural Care by spending these hours in a corrected rather than asymmetric position.
Destructive Postures and their impact over time

Helpful Information from the UK

Medifab recommends resources at this link as a reference point from the UK government, featuring guidance relating to postural care and people with learning disabilities.

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