Do you want to level up your assessment process for standing frame prescription? Are you concerned about standing contraindications? Overwhelmed by the standing frame options available for your client?

Introducing the newly developed Medifab standing frame assessment tool, designed to assist in the prescription of standing frames through a systematic approach.

This tool was developed to provide clinicians with a template for standing frame assessments, supporting those less familiar with the specific considerations that relate to their prescription. To complement the tool, an informational booklet has also been produced for those looking for more guidance around the assessment process. For more experienced clinicians, the tool may be used as a stand-alone document to complement existing clinical practices and support data collection. View and download the Resource Guide here.

The easy-to-follow layout organises different elements of assessment into key sections which provides a systematic approach whilst ensuring best practices are being met. Relevant information can be collected and collated together, allowing clinicians to build an understanding of the needs of their client and what set up is necessary for successful standing intervention.

A dedicated section for intended benefits of standing prompts personalised consideration of standing frame goals that are specific to the user. Having a clear understanding of this section and the need’s of the user facilitates report writing by clearly identifying and understanding these goals and their relevance to funding applications.


If you would like to arrange a training session on the tool for your team, please click here to contact.