Charlotte is an Occupational Therapist with a background in working with people who have complex neurological and physical disabilities in the community. When training as an Occupational Therapist, Charlotte also worked as a Support Worker. She also has more recent experience teaching final year occupational therapy students in an assistive technology specific unit at tertiary level.

These diverse experiences have given her unique insights into the learning needs of a range of audiences when it comes to assistive technology. Charlotte is passionate about supporting all to make assistive technology as easy to understand as possible, so people can spend more time doing everyday activities and less time being unsure what product is best suited to their needs and goals.

In her role at Medifab, Charlotte is responsible for supporting and training distributors and dealers across the paediatric product range, to lead to successful trials and product use.

Outside of work, Charlotte enjoys making home made ice cream, learning how to white water kayak and spending time with her pets.


Learn more about Charlotte Walker in the video below.