Lucas enjoys life despite the challenges he faces each day, no matter what is happening around him he is always full of joy and happiness.

Kids with disabilities or special needs they do really bring something special to families that we’re really lucky to have.

Just when he was one day old Lucas had his first seizure and was later diagnosed with a rare genetic epilepsy disorder called KCNQ2 encephalopathy.

Very significant developmental delays means Lucas has difficulty with his motor skills and is nonverbal. Unable to sit unsupported, Lucas needed a solution to meet his postural needs and also allow his mum Jennie to care for him in the best way. Since he was eight months old, he has used the Jenx Atom Indoor Seat to support his posture while eating, playing and during therapy sessions.

So we got the Jenx Atom which made a massive difference, so the Atom has lateral supports which helps him sit up and then helps, if he is more supported in his trunk, he is able to use his hands to do fine motor practise, you know other types of therapy like been able to pick up food and self feed, which you know he is able to do because he has got the rest of his body supported.

– Jennie Nower’s (Lucas’s Mum)