Adapta 3
Back Support

Supporting complex postures through adaptive Profile Curvature System.

The Adapta3 Back Support meets the needs of wheelchair users with complex postural presentations including anterior pelvic tilt, lordosis, posterior pelvic tilt, and kyphosis. The back support splits the rigid aluminium shell into three different sections that can be individually adjusted to achieve natural contours to position and support the pelvis and spine. The Adapta3 Back Support can provide the shapes needed to support the user by contouring the rigid aluminium shell, rather than the foam padding.

Spex Seating currently supply rigid back supports with contour-adjustable padding to support users with complex postural support needs. The new Adapta3 Back Supports are designed for users who require a back support surface with profile curvature adjustment to accommodate their trunk contour. These needs can be accommodated without excessive foam padding, making it easier to manage temperature and other related issues. The contoured surface remains supportive and holds its shape when the seating system is tilted or adjusted.


Adapta3 Back Support is designed for the individual who:

  • Presents with Kyphosis and Posterior Pelvic Tilt and require support at the sacrum and an increased surface contact area along with c-curved spine.
  • Presents with Lordosis and Anterior Pelvic Tilt and who require a higher back support or additional upper thoracic contouring.



Configurable mounting hardware options:

Dual Mount Forward Dual Mount Forward Extended Dual Mount Single Mount
1259-2205-100 1259-2210-100 1259-2215-100 1259-2100-100


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