4 Point
Centre Pull
Padded Hip Belt

The 4 Point Centre Pull Padded Hip Belt from Spex with four points of attachment to the wheelchair offers superior anterior support for the user’s pelvis suitable for enhanced positioning requirements.

The four attachment points mean that the main straps position the belt and the subordinate straps anchor the belt in position for enhanced support and prevents the belt from sliding up into the abdomen or twisting.

The Centre Pull tensioning function of the hip belt is easy to operate for both the user or caregiver by pulling on the strap away from the buckle. The easy-to-use system suits clients with low muscle tone or weakness.

Manufactured with top precision quality, this hip belt has comfortable cushioned pads with unique soft edge binding.

The Spex Hip Belt Advantage
Hip Belt Installation Tips
  • Specially designed, durable webbing is ‘ridge’ woven for maximum grip once adjusted
  • Soft comfortable pads offer excellent resilience, water resistance, and conform to the body without creasing.
  • Smooth, soft binding is comfortable against sensitive skin
  • Tough stainless steel adjusters which don’t slip out of place
  • Attachment hardware allows for a multitude of positioning options

The hip belt is the primary anterior support in seating, as it helps to maintain the stability of the pelvis.
Proper placement and use of anterior pelvic supports in a wheelchair or supportive stroller may prevent sliding into maladaptive, unsafe or non-functional postures.

  • For maximum effect, position the attachment points of the hip belt as close to the user as possible
  • Positioning the main (wide) straps below the ASIS reduces the possibility of the pelvis slipping under the belt
  • The selection and set-up of the cushion and backrest influences the position and stability of the pelvis

*Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

Hip Belt & Harness Size Selection Guide
Hip Belt & Harness Buckle Options
  • Attachment Points: Two points of attachment to the wheelchair. Suitable for mild to moderate positioning requirements.
  • Operator: User or Carer
  • Adjustment: Tensions at the centre of the buckle.
  • Applications: Clients with low muscle tone or weakness.


USER’S W/C WIDTH 8-12″ 11-15″ 14-17″ 17-20″
RECOMMENDED SIZE X-Small Small Medium Large
PRODUCT CODE 1406-6410-XXX 1406-6411-XXX 1406-6412-XXX 1406-6413-XXX

These last three digits of the code refer to the buckle type. See table on next tab for buckle options. 

Side Release Buckle Simple and easy to click together and undo. Suitable for career operation. Squeeze the two clips together to release. -027
Centre Release Buckle Robust design that is strong enought to keep the user positioned safely. Suitable for user operation. Press the release button to release the buckle. -028
Anti-Escape Buckle Steel Anti-Escape buckle can be installed to prevent those with challenging behaviour from escaping. Very successful in preventing individuals with inquistive fingers or learning difficulties from releasing the buckle. Operates in reverse to a normal buckle, and disengages by rasing a spring-loaded lever (won’t press release). -026
Pen Popper Buckle The Pen Popper buckle prevents unintentional releasing of the buckle. Extremely successful in preventing individuals with inquisitive fingers or learning difficulties from releasing the buckle. Requires a tool such as a pointed pen or key to fit through a small hole and reach the buckle release mechanism to open. -025
Easy Release Latch Buckle The Easy Release Latch buckle is a similar buckle to those found on aeroplane seats and allows for an easier one-hand release action. This is an ideal solution for users that self-transfer in and out of their wheelchair but have limited hand function to open buckles. Simply lift the metal buckle flap and slide the buckle apart. -023

Note: These harnesses are a positioning device only. Do not use as a safety restraint in vehicles.