Medifab Soft
Padded Tray

Maintain upper body stability during travel with this safer alternative to rigid tray tables.

Rigid plastic, or timber activity trays must be removed* and stowed whilst wheelchair users are transported in their wheelchairs in a vehicle. however many users still require forearm propping to enable a safe posture, especially when tilting wheelchairs have to be more upright during travel.
In addition to this, the University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute states in their ‘Ride Safe‘ guidelines:
‘If possible, remove hard trays and secure them in the vehicle to reduce the chance of rider injury from contact with the tray. Consider the use of foam trays instead of rigid trays during transit. If it is not possible to remove a hard tray, place dense padding between the rider and the edge of the tray and make sure that the tray is securely attached to the wheelchair so it will not break loose and cause injury to other occupants in a crash.’
This unique Soft Padded Travel Tray option is therefore a welcome and recommended alternative to an occupant’s rigid tray.
*ISO 16840 Wheelchair seating — Part 4: Seating systems for use in motor vehicles states
     6.4 clause d) Wheelchair-mounted trays not specifically intended to be used in transport shall:
             1) be removed for secured separately in the vehicle or
             2) be secured to the wheelchair but positioned away from the wheelchair-seated occupant with energy-absorbing padding placed between the tray and the occupant… etc.
Size Small Medium Large
Code 1311-7441-209 1311-7442-209 1311-7443-209
Width 50cm 60cm 68cm
Depth 35cm 45cm 45cm
Cut-out 15cm 15cm 20cm
Recommended Wheelchair Size 10-13″ 14-17″ 18-21″