Twin Stroller

The ultimate special needs stroller for two children who require transportation together

Introducing a twin version of the popular BINGO Evo Stroller! This is a special Twin Attachment which allows two BINGO Evo strollers to be connected together. This still allows the flexibility of using the strollers together with the Twin Attachment, or split into individual strollers where required! The attachment connects to interface plates with a securing plunger, and wheels are placed in a holding position to enable them to be clear of the stroller’s castors.

It is extremely easy to steer both strollers together, as shown in the video below. Direction locks on the wheels can be engaged on the front stroller to enable more positive steering for circumstances such as navigiating slopes. Due to the frame articulation, transits over curbs are simple should these need to be negotiated. Seat configuration is also flexible, as both seats can be swapped from rear-facing or forward-facing as suited to the users’ requirements.

Twin Spex
BINGO Stroller

The same Twin Attachment can also be used with the BINGO allowing a double BINGO to be configured!

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Refer to the BINGO Evo seat specifications. Please note that both stroller bases must be the same size for the Twin Attachment to be used.