Axion Rotary
Head Support

Freedom of head movement! Interface to permit rotation of wheelchair headrests.

Attaches to most headrests and hardware; and allows headrests to freely rotate, improving the function of the user. The Axion is applicable to those with limited head control, limited range of motion or field of vision. It is also applicable to those who frequently rotate their head against a headrest.


Pair with the Savant Headrest System for an ultimate combination!

Benefits of Axion

  • Quiet, free running and it does not require lubrication.
  • Range of rotation can be limited or stopped by means of a simple knob control. This allows the headrest to be positioned at a fixed angle or be free running.
  • Some drag may be introduced to slow the rotation, if desired. Usually the Axion will be used to allow free lateral rotation of the head with the headrest.
  • This permits the head to be fully supported by the headrest as it rotates.

Users with muscle weakness

  • The benefit of this to those with muscle weakness is assured support from the headrest as they rotate laterally.

Users who rub against a headrest

  • For those with good muscle tone but having a tendency to rub frequently against a headrest, the Axion allows the headrest to move with their head.
  • This can reduce or eliminate the friction between the head and the headrest, so reducing hair loss or abrasion of the head.
Octopus Head Positioning System
60 Degree Rotation 90 Degree Rotation
19 mm (3/4″) Ball 1280-4461-100 1280-4491-100
25 mm (1″) Ball 1280-4462-100 1280-4492-100