At Medifab, we recognise how important it is to support our products with up-to-date and informative clinical training, and we know you feel the same. The Jenx Standz 2 is more than just a bigger version of the much loved Standz size 1!

The latest innovation in standing brings with it several new features and adjustments in addition to new accessories which extend the scope of its clinical application. In order to fully support our dealers with this new product, we ask that you ensure you and your team book a training session with our Paediatric Clinical Educator, Jamie Cockle.

This session will include:

  • Refresher on benefits of standing, with particular focus on standing in abduction.
  • A full overview of the new Standz Size 2, including main features, adjustments, and, operation.
  • Review of script form and minimum configuration requirements, including an introduction to new accessories available for Standz Size 2
  • Introduction of new accessories available for the Standz Size 1

Click here to schedule a time with Jamie Cockle.